SEO in Digital Marketing (Updated in 2018)

SEO in digital marketing is a part of a separate channel without SEO digital marketing is incomplete. Using SEO you can expose your website content, keywords, NAP, information etc it’s like promoting your website for visibility in Search Engines. For SEO to work on your website we need to optimize your website using on-page and off-page techniques which are the core parts of SEO without these there is nothing called SEO.

Key Factors in SEO in Digital Marketing:

In this post we are going to discuss top most important factors in SEO strategy or search engine optimization. The key areas in SEO are On-Page optimization and Off-Page optimization. To rank website on SERP these two factors play a vital role and when all these done correctly chances are more to get better ranking on SERP.

SEO In Digital Marketing

SEO On-Page Factors:

Competitors Analysis:

Knowing your website competitors is very important in order to know how they are promoting their website to stay on top on SERPs and what techniques they are using to get rankings, also you can make use of their quality backlinks to make yours.

Website Analysis:

Doing website analysis shows the issues which are having in your website and suggests you on how to solve those errors, in this way you can overcome this and optimize accordingly.

Keyword Research:

This is the most critical part in SEO, selecting keywords related to your website and industry is very important you can also take reference from your competitors keywords which gives you an idea on what type of keywords they are using, you need to have high search volume keywords for your website in order to get quality traffic.


Having long-tail keywords in your website is very important because these are the terms searched by the users for queries so making them useful in your website will definitely boost your rankings.


Having unique and readable content is more important from user perspective think like this you have visited a website and started reading a content which you can’t understand this makes you leave the website, so producing content with simple words is very important and maintain quality.

LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing):

LSI is mainly used to describe the correct meaning of the words so that when a user searches for a query he will find the right URL in place for that query, so you need to have related keywords and phrases which are best suited for your website.

Meta Tags:

They describe what your website pages are all about, so make sure you have unique meta tags for each page, having unique meta tags helps to automatically generate site links in search when you search for your website.


Having sitemap files in your website helps to crawl your website pages for fresh content we have different sitemap like news, videos, images etc


Having robots file helps your website pages get indexed in Google for more visibility and improve traffic.

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Alt Tags:

As Google cannot understand images we need to add alt text to every image so that Google can understand the language behind the image.

Header Tags:

Header tags is the first impact of impression a visitor watches when he visits your website so it’s mandatory to have header tags and for each page, you need to have 1 header tag

Broken links or 404:

Having a 404 error page is most important because if your website has links which are broken or not working and if a user clicks on those links he finds a message as not found which is bad experience, in this case, you can redirect those links to relevant links or if those links are invalid or not useful then you can delete them or you can create a separate 404 custom page to show this pages as page not found message.


If you want to redirect your old website to new website then you can make use of this 301 access code to make your old website a permanent redirect to your new website.

GA and Webmasters:

Having Google Analytics and Webmaster codes in your website help to track the performance.


Having a schema codes helps your website search to show rich in a search using various markup codes like the local business, social profiles, breadcrumbs, reviews, and ratings.

Website Speed:

Having a website speed below 1 sec is excellent for that either you need to compress your images and JS codes or you need to implement AMP( Accelerated mobile pages ) in order to reduce your website mobile speed.


It is similar to 301 redirects, it is mainly used to tell Google which version of your pages you prefer most to get crawled.

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SEO Off-Page Factors:

Guest Posting:

This is the best way to get a quality backlink but you need to write quality content with right topic, for your content to get approved you need to focus on content with real data in it, getting the link from guest posting sites is really a boost.


Converting your content into graphics is really a big thing because it is a mix of content and images which makes it more interesting, promote your infographics in Pinterest and SlideShare will give you more quality traffic.


This is same as infographic but presenting the content in a professional way for the user to read we have options to insert the links to get the more detailed view of the topic, you can promote your ppt in SlideShare which is a great way to get backlinks.

Blog Promotion:

First of all having a blog in your website is very important and it should be linked to your website, and you need to update your blog with content every 3 days a week which is a great way to be updated and promote the content using social media and blog promotion sites.

Social Media:

Making use of social media channels is a great way to promote your content in facebook, twitter and LinkedIn it helps your users because you’re providing valuable information to them and if they like the information your promoting then they will subscribe on your blog which is a great way to build engagement and traffic.


This is somewhat different to guest posting but you need to promote unique content in a high-quality website in order to get quality linkbacks, don’t spam your content by over promoting the same blog in different article websites.

Community Posting:

This is a great way to interact with your industry this helps to know about new things and you can promote your website or blog also you can ask the question related to your industry, this way you can promote your products and improve your quality traffic. (Niche)

Blog Commenting:

This is also the best possible way to build quality backlinks by giving comments on a high-quality websites helps you to build quality traffic, but don’t make it spam.

These are most important factors which are used in SEO for both On-Page and Off-Page optimization for your website, Hope you find them valid.

Have we missed any point to mention in SEO in Digital Marketing? Would love to hear from you in the comment section below!

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